Get The Facts: Expert Insights

Here are some other sources of useful information including tv programmes, radio programmes, speeches, interviews, articles, lectures, and also some other web sites that provide useful information. We will continually add useful sources here.
Please contact us if you know of some useful information sources.


Walesa will urge Irish to support Lisbon
Irish Times 26 May 2009

Treaty rejection will affect poor countries
Irish Times 26 May 2009

Corporation Tax and the Lisbon Treaty Chris Sanger, Head of Tax Policy with Ernst and Young 19 February 2009

RTÉ analysis on the Lisbon Treaty Please note that the updates stopped on this site in June 08, but we expect it to be updated in the weeks and months ahead as the Decision Day gets closer.

Programmes and Speeches

Archbishop Martin on Europe and Christianity

Declan Ganley plans to sue RTÉ
RTE Article 4 Dec 2008 and link to the actual RTE programme.

Expert Sites

Irish Examiner EU in Ireland for a ‘European / Irish view’ an independent media portal fully dedicated to EU affairs

Lisbon Treaty Referendum Commission an independent body set up by law to ensure that voters are informed about the issues and to encourage voters to vote either way. NB. 2008 information does not include the amendments in the new deal.

National Forum on Europe promotes a national debate on the EU, on its future and Ireland’s role in it. Forum films on Lisbon Treaty and webcasts of several debates together with podcasts. The forum guides and explanatory booklets are particularly useful.

The Institute of European Affairs an independent policy research think-tank based in Dublin

European Union the portal site of the European Union

European Citizen Consultations

Robert Schumann Institute – Lisbon Treaty

UCD Dublin European Institute” Ireland’s Future in Europe: Scenarios and Implications

IBEC Irish Business and Employers Confederation
Employers’ organisation website. Go to the ‘European Affairs’ section for useful material.

Generation Yes a movement of young people from all over Ireland who are committed to promoting the benefits of EU membership

Ireland’s Future an independent civil society group dedicated to explaining what the Lisbon Treaty is all about.

The Treaty in English ‘Ciaran Toland has read the Treaty so you don’t have to’ – a legal eagle who can actually explain the Treaty.

Spoofers Guide to How to not vote no a slightly irreverent analysis of the Treaty by Jason O’Mahony.

What has Europe Ever Done For Us?
a light hearted animation on the topic of ‘What has Europe ever done for us?’

Links to Useful European Newspaper Websites – English Versions