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There will be more and more discussions developing in the discussion forums. Why not start a discussion or join another?

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See ‘People of Ireland Speak’ videos. Send us your one minute video clip of an answer to the question: ‘Why will you vote yes for the Lisbon treaty’. Don’t forget to tell us your name (first name and surname) as well as where you are from (your home town). Save the file using your name e.g. JoeMurphyTraleeVideo and send it to us info@irelandforeurope.ie. Or if you are already a member of YouTube or any other video sharing service, please send us the link for any relevant video clip you wish to submit.

We select the best ones and add them to our video gallery. We’re looking for people who can make a good passionate point or two as well as colourful characters of Ireland.

Send us your photo

We’re looking for photos of your Lisbon Treaty events, any celebrities attending an event (or just wearing a Yes Vote T-shirt), a Yes Vote poster, a group of Yes Vote supporters, or you holding a Yes Vote placard/poster/wearng a t-shirt, or any creative angle that has something to do with the Yes Vote.

Submit your photos email: info@irelandforeurope.ie.

We want to let people around the country see what’s going on in other parts of the country regarding the Ireland For Europe campaign. So we’ll host the photos in our own gallery for volunteers to see. We’ll also select some photos to include in the blog (for anyone to see).

Please remember

By sending in your photo, you agree to us displaying the photo on the web site and on any photo sharing web sites. Also you agree to the press using any photo you send in (without any charge). You still retain copyright of your photos but you agree to them being used by this campaign or the press during this campaign. Don’t forget to create a file name using your (first name and surname) aswell as where you are from (your home town) e.g. JoeMurphyTraleePhoto1.